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Why You Need to Plan Your Food Too !

A guideline on planning menu for an event


Answer this quickly and honestly…


What is that one thing that you look forward to at a party?




If your answer is not food, you can’t be helped. Just kidding! But hey food is what I go for! And am sure there are others like me who are always waiting for the garam garam biryani! Why put up with so many nosy relatives if you don’t have biryani in the end. Sometimes its well worth the wait.

Food is what makes or breaks a party! There I said it. It’s true. People do remember the décor, but they remember tasty food more. This is why planning an event menu should be an expert’s job!


Planning your next event and at a loss for where to start with the menu? Here are few pointers that can help you prepare stellar party food.


  1. Know Your Audience & Event

Who is coming to your event? Are they kids? Grown-ups? Is it a mix? Tastebuds and palates are not similar across the board when it comes to age. For kids, you’d like to keep things simple and sort of a finger food menu whereas for grown-ups you should cater to sophisticated palates. Here is why first you need to know your audience. Even if it’s a mix of age, you should be able to design a menu in such a way to satisfy everyone. Hungry, cranky kids can destroy a party real quick! The type of event also dictates the menu. A birthday will have a different menu from a corporate dinner affair.


  1. Not Everybody Eats What You Eat

You need to be respectful of everybody’s choices. Nowadays a lot of people eat or don’t eat some foods for religious or health wise. Be careful when you design the menu to include options for all ‘groups’ of people coming to your party. Think simply, you won’t invite a vegan to a steak dinner! Spice can also be one tricky factor. A lot of people enjoy spicy food, we desi people are super high on our spice game than an average foreigner. Hence if your corporate conference is dealing with foreign delegates don’t give them a stomach ache with nihari! Some people have dietary restrictions too like peanut allergy, intolerance to gluten and lactose, etc, if they tell you up front be careful to cater to their needs. If you are hiring an Event Planner for your event, you can pass along all such requirements, and they’d customize the menu accordingly.


  1. Hiring The Right Caterer

Now that you have a faint idea of what your menu would look like next item on the list is to finalize a caterer. When it comes to hiring a caterer, keep few things in mind such as, how long have they been working in the industry? Do they have references? Are they clean and hygienic? Will they be able to cater to your special menu? Do they have the workforce capacity to get your order right? Even if you are hiring an Event Planner who’d be taking care of the food entirely, do ask these questions. You don’t want guests to go back home with food poisoning.


  1. Deciding A Serving Style

A Buffet or Seated Dining? All this depends on your venue and number of people you are hosting. If it’s a large number of people buffets are the best choice, whereas with smaller gathering you can do seated dining and make it more of an intimate affair. On your menu keep a mix of things that need to be served hot with a combination of things that can be served as it is or cold, so not everything needs to be served all together. Keep a mix of few appetizers, at least two options for entrees and a couple when it comes to dessert.



If all this sounds rather daunting leave it to the professionals! At Dawat Pakistan we can help you come up with the most delicious and mouth-watering menu for your next party. Our professional Event Planners can make this all super stress free for you!


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