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What’s in your goody bag? – A guideline for planning easy Birthday Giveaways

For a lot of parents, creating the perfect goodie bag is a big part of their kid’s birthday party celebration, whether it is something you hand out in class or at an actual party with friends and family (or both). A goodie bag done right becomes a memorable giveaway.





So how does one plan an excellent goodie bag? Here are some things to keep in mind.


  1. How Old Are Your Guests?

This one is the first step into planning your goodie bag. How old are the guests at your party? Naturally, if your child is a pre-schooler, most kids at the party might be of the same age – assuming the friends and school friends are invited. The age of the guests helps in deciding what to put in the bags. If your kids are older, like you are planning a sweet sixteen birthday bash the teenagers would expect something different in goodie bags.  I once when to a first birthday bash where the guests were mostly adults, the host gave us sweet honey pots and honey dippers as parting gifts. Pre-schoolers won’t enjoy honey dippers if you get what I mean!


  1. What is your budget?

Your goodie bags can be super elaborate with expensive stuff, or you can choose to keep it simple and budget friendly. Your budget will help you decide things to select for goodie bag fillers. Your budget will also be affected by how many goodie bags you have to plan. Some parents include things like paint sets, coloring books, crayons, playdough sets, etc which can max out your budget but hey if you can afford it then why not? Of course, you might be able to provide five such goodie bags, but fifty will break your bank real quick. If you don’t want to spend a crazy amount of money on the goodie bags, you can include some wholesome, entertaining stuff like bubbles, puzzles, tattoos, sand art, keychains, slime and lots of other cheap stuff.


  1. Do You Have A Theme?

My daughter’s first birthday bash was bumble bee themed, and I included a bee hair band in every goodie bag. It was fun, and all the kids enjoyed wearing the antennae hair bands. If your party has a theme, it will be super more comfortable to plan a goodie bag. You can include things that are relevant to your themes. Like for a superhero themed party, you can put superhero figurines and stickers. A princess theme party favors may include tiaras and bracelets. Once you have locked in on the theme of your party, goodie bags will come quickly to you.


  1. Ready Made or Not?

You can choose to get ready made goodie bags or make them yourself. A lot of event planners offer readymade loot bags according to theme and budget. However, planning goodie bags and making them yourself is a lot of fun. You can involve your kids in the process for a good family activity. Also, your kids might enjoy giving away the goodie bags more because they helped make them. One of the added bonus of making goodie bags yourself if you can completely customize them according to your liking.


  1. To Candy or Not To Candy?

This one is a super tough one! Should you include candy in the favor bags? Sweets are natural fillers, cheap and available however a lot of parents don’t approve of them. You can consist of homemade snacks like granola, muffins, cookies, or muffins instead. You can include juice boxes, milk boxes, popcorns, and crackers instead too. Since it’s a kid’s birthday party and kids do expect candies when it comes to celebration maybe putting in a couple won’t hurt.


These small steps will help you plan a perfect goodie bag for your birthday bash. Remember to keep it simple and to enjoy! At Dawat Pakistan we can help you prepare great goodie bags for your parties, or if you choose, you can entirely leave it to us, and we’d customize the party favors according to your theme and budget.


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