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What to keep in mind when selecting Event Venue

When it comes to event success always remember, location, location, location! An excellent location can prove to be a turning point for your event. While planning a whole event takes time, if an event is finalized first all things fall into place.

Now that you know what sort of event is to be expected, you can draw on many other factors that should be considered before selecting a venue for the event.

Here are a few things to keep in mind, that will help you with your decisions:


1. Where are your attendees from?

If all your expected attendees and target market are from Karachi, it makes no sense to hold an event in Lahore even if you are getting a great bargain deal on the venue. You need to know where your attendees are geographically located, how many in numbers would they be? Will they be traveling by car? What sort of turnout can you expect in terms of venue capacity? Are you attendees expecting a setting in a posh area? Really know your target market before making a decision for the venue.


2. When is your event

Once you have finalized on expected capacity and space, you want to hold your event in look for realistically doable dates. Are your times clashing with some public holiday? Is it a weekend? Do you want to keep your event on the weekend? Some venues have different rates for weekends and weekdays.  Check your calendar because timing will influence many decisions, including your site of choice.


3. Your Pocket Matters Calculate Your Budget

If money grew on trees, everything would be possible. Likely having a fantastic event with the best venue possible too. However, every event has a said budget. Look for venue locations that work best in your budget and financial limitations.


 4. Does Space Have Everything required?

If you are planning a corporate event, you need to have an audio-visual system in place, likely in a hotel, etc. If you are planning a pool party, your venue has to have a pool! Simply saying list down things that are important for the event. Do you need a dance floor? Do you need a projector? Would you need a bride’s powder room? Does the event venue meet the specific criteria of your program or event? Look for a place which has more or less all your particular requirements.


5. Services and Restrictions

Some venues have specific vendors they work with. Like for example, you can only order food from their caterers, etc. Find out all the services and restrictions the venue has and also find out if they are included in the fee charges or they will be charged additionally. A lot of venues also provide add on services like photography, valet, dessert bar, floral arrangement, etc.


6. Location & Atmosphere

Like said location matters. You do want a venue that is easily accessible to people attending your event. Is the location secure? Is it well protected? Can the venue cater to particular MVIP protocol if needed? What is the general vibe of the location like? It is airy and spacey, or stuffy? Can it withstand any weather change – like a rain canopy in place?


7. Schedule a Visit

Always physically go and check the place out. Venue photos are not enough. You need to go and evaluate the venue. Check out the services offered, interiors, cleanliness, and amenities too.


At Dawat Pakistan we can help pick out the best venue for your event. We have beautiful places on our list, outdoor spaces, hotels, beach resorts, you name it.  Call us today for a special, and we’d get you sorted immediately.



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