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What should be in your Corporate Swag Bag

Swag Bag or Corporate Giveaways are a great way to present company branding through products. These swag bags can be for attendees at a conference, welcome on board gifts sent to clients, gifts for employs at annual dinner and as marketing material at exhibitions. Swag Bags are little tricky because you want your attendees, guests or employees to like them rather than toss them aside.


Everybody loves free stuff, and they love free GOOD thing! So make people happy by arranging the right kind of swag bag. So what should be in a good swag bag?


  1. Something Worthwhile

Useful swag is always a winner! Toss away the pen and notepad there are also other tons of things that are useful and can be branded easily. Think water bottle, umbrellas, earphones, and USB chargers. Something useful makes sure that people getting it will use it and hence the company branding can be seen with it over and over again.


  1. Something Trendy

Everybody loves something that is current. It gives them the chance to brag about it! And if you see that is marketing right there. When going trendy think in terms of reusable drinking straw, power banks, car phone holders and USB hub ports.


  1. Something Delicious

The way to everyone’s heart is through their tummy? Sweet and salty treats can win everybody’s heart! Don’t go with a coupon or a voucher, that’s just tacky! Go for the real thing. When it comes to food and treats, think a jar of honey, chocolates, macaroons, cookies, gourmet popcorn, all sorts of munchies, assorted nuts, and coffee!


  1. Something Productive

When arranging conferences do include notebooks, whiteboard, and markers – so when you hold any group activities, participants can easily reach into their bags instead of searching from them elsewhere.


  1. Something Green

Everyone wants to do their part in fighting climate change. You can include eco-friendly items like seed paper, stainless steel straws, and even mugs that encourage reuse. Recycled paper notepads and jute tots bags also are great examples of eco-friendly options.  You can also gift fruit and vegetable seeds to promote the growing of trees and plants. Fairtrade coffee and even bamboo traveling utensils are sure to set you apart.


  1. Something Practical

Practical might sound boring, but useful things are those things everybody enjoys anyway. A tee shirt, hoodie, mugs, towels, coasters or travel coffee mug are things that are done over and over, but still, people don’t mind receiving them, because of their practicality and often use.  As said people instead have things they’d enjoy or use then have things that will end up being clutter.


So it goes to show that a good and right swag helps generate a positive branding image of your company. If you include stuff people like they will use it for a more extended period, which means the branded items will stay in circulation longer giving you ample exposure and free marketing. So opt for good wanted things that can fit your budget.


If you are still confused about what to include in the swag bag, leave it to the professional planners! At Dawat Pakistan we can help design an awesome corporate swag bag for your next event.  We’d help your company set the right tone with its corporate giveaway.




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