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What Makes a Good Product Launch Event

A product launch is a milestone event for businesses of all types and sizes. However, have you ever wondered why some brands are consistently successful while others don’t manage to generate excitement?

Have a new exciting product coming up? Want to pull all the stops for the big reveal? YES! A product launch event is a massive milestone of a product lifecycle – it can literally make or break the product. You have to be very careful about how a product launch event is managed and perceived.

Your product can be oodles exciting and cutting edge, but if it fails to make an impact in the event – it fails. This is why your product launch should be uber fun with lots of fresh creative launch party ideas.

Here are some product launch event ideas that are set to make your event stand out and become the talk of the town.


  1. Hire a Visual Storyteller

Let go of the usual powerpoint! It’s old and dated. Get an animator on board for a sticky and catchy product launch video. It’s a great way to show your brand story and where the product comes from. It fascinates attendees into being a part of the product’s journey.  If you don’t want to go digital, hire a painter for a standout product shot canvas. Think mural art to get the conversation started. Regardless its time move from the powerpoint and present in a fresher better way.


  1. Gamify

Not everybody likes to sit and listen, it gets annoying quite fast. Think of ways to gamify the product launch experience. The more interactive it is, the more immersed and present your attendees will be. You can share about your product through games.

With the existence of VR technology and simulators, an immersive experience is guaranteed to be a super hit. You can also go old school and hold traditional games like scavenger hunts, raffle tickets, challenge quests, etc. Just add a quick trivia game with the winner earning your company’s launched product to get the competitive juices flowing!

The whole idea behind introducing games at your event is to encourage more communication and interaction between your potential customer and your product.


  1. Influencer Partnership with a Twist

Influencer Marketing cannot be ignored today due to the kind of pull social media has. Look for bloggers and influencer relevant to your product niche. Invite them to your event. First such influencer brings in with the massive following and marketing of the event organically, second, it is a great way to penetrate the market and to get the word out. Film an influencer talking about your upcoming product, ask them to review the product and even do a live of their presence at your launch event. Use all the power of branded hashtags and leverage influencers in making it go viral.


  1. Live Performance Art

For an ice breaker, you can hire musicians for a mini-concert, magicians and even comedians! Comedians are always a hit because they put your brand and company at the focus in their content and put everybody at ease with laughter and fun. Look for such artists who can do a comedy sketch or an MC to interact with the audience. Everybody wants to feel included and talked to.


  1. Personalize the experience

Find ways to personalize the experience for every attendee of the event. It can even be a nametag nicely calligraphed or a giveaway with their name on it. Simple touches of personalization really get people attention. All communication pre and post-event launch should be addressed by their name.

A good product launch should get people talking about your product and take an interest in it. This help generates a lot of buzzes and serves as a marketing tool even. At Dawat Pakistan we can help plan and manage a one of a kind product launch event for your brand. Get in touch with us, and we will see what theme and idea will work best for you.



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