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What does a wedding planner really do?

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What does a wedding planner really do?

Planning a wedding is one of the biggest challenges couples face and without a wedding planner, it is close to impossible to do everything on your own. Couples usually hire a wedding planner when they don’t have the time to plan themselves or aren’t experienced enough to do so. However, hiring a wedding planner doesn’t mean that you’re incompetent. You do so to work around things systematically. Since experience matters.

Some people assume that they won’t get to experience the pleasure that comes with wedding planning if they hire an event planner. But be assured that it just means that you’ve hired someone to do all the work for you.

The experience is much better when the couple gets to pitch in their ideas and the team of wedding planners implements it. It is also less hectic compared to doing everything on your own.

A wedding planner is there to plan your wedding just the way you want it to be. Some people ask the wedding planner to only plan some part of the event, for example, the décor, whereas some people hand over everything to the wedding planner. Handing over the event to the event planner fully is called end planning or full-service planning.

What does a wedding planner do?

If you don’t know what the duties of a wedding planner are, here is a list.

  • The event planner books and refers you to their premium vendor network.
  • They source the venue for the ceremony.
  • All the appointments are dealt with by the event planner on your behalf.
  • Event planners advise you about what is best for your wedding.
  • They review all the paperwork and contracts for you- you can literally just sit back and relax.
  • You will get the best deals of suppliers through them.
  • The RSVPs are managed by the event planners.
  • Lastly, they oversee the set up and pack up.

Event planners are all-rounders of the events, and they oversee everything related to your event.

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