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We’ve all got magic

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We’ve all got magic

Ever thought the world around you is becoming plastic by the day? I’m sure you have. But have you ever thought you can make a career out of this? Maybe not. Event planning is such a beautiful, interesting and inventive field that you’ll never get bored of it. All while you’ll be earning a good amount of money. Event planners like Dawat work their magic on difficult and tricky locations like painters paint their way on blank canvases.

Everyone likes a good set up for their event and that’s when event planners come in with their new and unique ideas to transform the place into a dream venue- just like the customers want. The event management course offered at Dawat by their CEO Taha Memon is a fantastic opportunity for newbies to enter the industry and bring their passion filled ideas to life. Consistency, persistence, patience and hard work are all the basic elements that a successful event planner should have; the guidelines and hacks of all of which are provided in Dawat’s event management course.



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