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Wedding Reception Etiquette Questions

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Wedding Reception Etiquette Question

Wedding Reception Etiquette Questions

Most of us disregard wedding etiquette thinking they are outdated and unnecessary. However, it is a very important guideline that helps people communicate in an appropriate manner. Wedding etiquette should not involve throwing your personal beliefs out there. Instead, it should be about making everyone feel loved and included because all the wedding planning and hectic schedules can make you overlook what’s important.

Wedding Reception Etiquette Questions to Look Into

How to go about engagement parties?

Engagement parties are optional celebratory events. If you decide to have one, it is up to you whether you want it to be formal or informal. It can either be a small party at a restaurant or a proper event at a wedding hall. The world is your oyster, and you can do whatever you wish to.

Who will host the bridal shower and is it really necessary?

Anyone can host your bridal shower. Be it, family or friends. However, if both are offering a bridal shower, you can just choose since it’s your wedding event. The ones who don’t arrange a bridal shower can plan some other wedding event. However, remember to consolidate before you burn out.

What is the wedding etiquette for bills?

Twenty years ago, the bride’s family paid for everything, and it was more of a cultural thing too in Pakistani families. Thankfully, the time has changed now, and the bill is usually divided in half between the bride and groom. Nobody is a financial burden on anyone anymore when it comes to planning a wedding because the payment is split fairly.

What about the wedding invites?

Send an invite to everyone who’s close to you even if they won’t be able to make it, for example, if they live in a different country or have some other constraints. It prevents them from feeling left out. Don’t make someone feel unimportant, just because they cannot make it to the event.



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