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Wedding Planning Essentials!

Wedding Planning Essentials

The planning of your wedding can be a hurricane of emotions with numerous tasks to be done. With feelings and nerves running high and loved ones going around, it can turn out to be hard to focus on getting things done. We have assembled a ‘Big Day’ checklist for you so nothing can be relied on to memory or possibility.

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Choose your preferred theme for your big day! It could essentially be colors you like or colors that compliment your outfit. The theme doesn’t necessarily need to be limited to colors, it could be inspired from your love for food, certain flowers or even your’s and your other half’s personalities. These may seem like difficult ideas to project but that’s where a good events team comes in, you just give them the theme and they’ll put together the event of your dreams


Work with a graphic designer to choose the best cards to invite your loved ones to your big day! These could be sent across as a part of a huge luxury hamper with edible goodies and an invite, or simpler cards with some calligraphy, wax seals and baby’s breaths attached to them. You can also send quirky, digital animated invitations to your friends, distant family and those living abroad. If you really want to go all out, add some wedding stationery to the equation like wish cards, badges, cupcake toppers, Qabool hai tags and the anything else that comes to mind. One tip can be to decide the theme before getting your cards designed so that the cards and theme match!

Photographers & Videographers

This is something that you should spend your money on! A good photographer will capture the true essence of your big day so you can look back on the special day ten years from now with fondness. There’s a photographer to match everyone’s aesthetic, be it conventional posed photography, or candid shots, be it simpler portraits or artsy against the light pictures, you can get it all. While you’re at this do check out the super fun photobooths that can be installed at events and while the photographer might not be able to cover all guests, the guests end up taking their own pictures at the photobooth and you won’t miss out on anyone. When it comes to videography, we suggest you also get testimonials recorded- because these would help make the videos more personal and would always help take you back in time even after forty years!

Hair & makeup artist

Choose a hair and makeup artist who will understand your preference and give you the look you wanted! Make sure to speak up if you don’t like something and guide them. Trust us, you do not want to look two shades lighter than your real skin tone on the perfect day! While home based studio’s are great, do make sure to check if they provide basic services such as hair wash, nail color application etcetera because you might be so packed the final day that you might not get the chance to do those things beforehand.


The one thing that makes or breaks your look is ofcourse- the outfit! And the biggest mistake brides make is waiting till the last moment. The minimum time for a bridal outfit to be made is 3 months and for some designers orders need to be placed a little over a year. So decide early on and order your bridal dress first thing!

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