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Wedding Décor Trends in 2021

The pandemic has presented unexpected challenges for couples, event planners, designers, and vendors worldwide in 2021.

Unfortunately, planning these joyous events has become more challenging with the sudden changes and health concerns that have arisen. The challenges make us approach weddings in a different way.

However, we have compiled the top wedding décor trends in 2021:

Welcome Box

A welcome box at pandemic wedding includes a mask and sanitizer for the guests to ensure that the SOPs are being followed.

When guests enter your wedding event, you can make them feel welcomed by giving them the welcome box to show that you care for them.

These boxes are designed to safely house all of the necessities for an event, including personalized hand sanitizers and masks. They act as a gift for all involved in the wedding weekend by giving them warm feelings of being welcomed into the celebration.

Twinkly Lights

You can ask DAWAT for options to help with elegant lighting techniques which can help create the exact ambiance you’d like.

In all, a unique environment for your wedding day can be created by combining draperies from tents with proper lighting. Adding some breeze and brightness is also recommended.

The twinkly lights can be used to create an ambiance to your wedding venue. These lights are trending in 2021.

DAWAT team can handle all of that!

Techno lights

Do you love music? Do you like to dance? If so, then techno lights may be the design for your next event.

Techno lights are a type of LED lighting that is used in wedding events. The colors change with the beat of the music, and it can create an amazing atmosphere at your wedding event!

Lighting is essential in creating the right atmosphere at a party and affects how your photos and videos turn out. Lighting subconsciously changes the mood that guests experience upon entering the room and can influence music and décor as well.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact DAWAT to have your dream lights!

Therefore, the trend of techno lights is increasing in the weddings in 2021.

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