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5 wedding concepts for 2020

Wedding receptions are fun and here are some of the best wedding entrances of the year planned and designed by people around the globe.



This extravagant and vivid display of the colors is one of the best entrances seen in 2020. The entrance is marked by two rectangular blocks covered by a purple shade. The whole theme of the wedding is purple and pink shades. The shade has purple curtains which match brilliantly to the entrance. The path is filled by purple gem stones and there are purple plants on the pathways. The purple color seems to tend brilliantly given the natural color of the background.


This colorful and vibrant theme represents a traditional or Indian wedding theme and the use of yellow and orange curtains throughout seem to blend brilliantly with the red carpet. There are chandeliers on the top covered by roses and different flowers are used to decorate the background.



This entrance is rather simple but lavish entrance to a wedding. With taking the full use of less space the décor did a brilliant job with the stairs. The stairs are embedded with small stones that add to the scenic beauty and the two statues near the end of stairs whole beautiful white tulips that enhance the entrance.


This is another purple theme entrance. With the use of LED lights to light up the entrance, as everything looks good in light the lanterns arranged on top makes the entrance more vivid and lively. The red carpet gives a nice traditional touch as well.


This extravagant entrance uses the gold and white theme with the path lights used brilliantly. They are packed up in a hollow box and laid on the pathways. The carpet, stage and curtains being white with the golden lighting gives an aesthetic and eye pleasing view to watch. Also, the flowers on each path light accentuate the feeling of a wedding.

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