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Virtual Events Are The New Norm

From small birthday parties to large wedding celebrations, in-person events are parts of the event management industry’s DNA. As the pandemic put restrictions on holding physical events, the concept of virtual events took shape to help people celebrate their events and stay connected. The event management industry, like other industries, faced a huge setback during the pandemic, and thus an alternative solution had to be implemented.


A virtual event is like an in-person event but it happens online or on a digital platform rather than a physical venue. The security bans due to the pandemic have forced many businesses to switch to the digital model and rely on working remotely, resulting in new services and experiences for conducting public and corporate events. Recent surveys show that more people are now planning to shift towards virtual events; weddings, birthdays, corporate meetings, and conferences while businesses are witnessing a spike in the bookings of virtual events in a short time period.



Wedding Planning Industry


Wedding planning businesses soon adapted to the new change and came up with creative ideas to conduct virtual weddings with fewer attendees without compromising on the essence of the special day. The idea has gained popularity among wedding planners as well as clients and it is predicted that virtual weddings will be a new norm in the future. Wedding planners are offering customized wedding packages including live video-streaming options and with the help of technology, they are managing to increase the reach and engagement of the events.



The trend of virtual events especially weddings is a new experience for businesses and clients as they have changed the concept of wedding planning and become a golden opportunity for a budget-friendly and socially distanced event amidst the pandemic. Businesses are making the most of this emerging trend by delivering an innovative digital experience.




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