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Trending Colour Themes for Weddings

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Trending Colour Themes for Weddings

Has your baat pakki happened? Have you been recently engaged? If the answer to these questions is yes, then it’s about time you start your wedding planning. The first thing that you should focus on is the colour theme and décor.

Thanks to our “Dawat” experts, here are some trending wedding colours to inspire you

Pro Tip: Due to the pandemic, couples are moving towards lighter shades and hues that boost the mood. Basically, going back to the basics in 2022.


Expect seeing shades of green everywhere from actual greenery since outdoor weddings are a thing these days. Green has become very popular for the last few years because of the tropical wedding themes and now of course covid wedding restrictions. However, green will now be the top wedding colour in 2022 and will give an ethereal, calming tone to the event.

So, decorate your venue with lush green tones or take advantage of mother nature. Moreover, overflowing green centerpieces accentuate the look of an outdoor venue.

Light Blue

Blue is a staple in most palettes and aesthetics because it is one of the classic colour themes. However, dark hues, for example, navy blue and sapphire will not be seen a lot this year. It will be more of lighter tones of blue in 2022. This pastel shade has already been big on bridal outfits and now you will see it in the décor too.

The best thing about this shade is that you can easily adapt to this style. Furthermore, this periwinkle shade looks fresh and whimsical.

Peachy Pink

Pale pink is one of the other trending weddings colour themes in 2022. However, this year, it will be more about peach and subtle orange shades compared to the rosy and mauve hues from the former year.

You can either use it as the main colour theme or accent hues, giving your event a romantic and beautiful vibe.



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