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Traditional or Modern

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Traditional or Modern

When it comes to weddings, a balance between traditional and modern elements is something that can create a unique look for the event.  While one way to do it is to divide the event themes entirely  for instance, a Mayun could be done is a purely traditional way with the classic Marigold and Rose décor paired with a Jhoola and a farshi setting, while the Reception can be a more contemporary event with light, elegant décor and exotic flowers like Orchids, Lilies and baby’s breath; Another way to do this is to mix elements from both traditional and modern themes to create an eclectic mix for the event, creating something entirely new. The art of balancing these elements is one that is learned with time and experience, but while keeping traditions alive is important, keeping up with the times is also just as important and a mix of these is what gives us the best events now!

At the end it is always the client’s choice whether they want a traditional event or an eclectic one, but we at Dawat suggest you to let the event planners make this call. Speaking strictly from a lens of conventions, the event-type usually dictates the kind of décor that is to be done, like Baraat events are usually entwined with traditional elements, be it the décor or the outfits or the overall vibe. Similarly, the reception tips more towards the modern or eclectic side and usually has a sophisticated vibe with pastel palettes and minimal décor. The most fun event however, is the Mehendi which gives us the most room to play around with themes and décor. Anything and everything works for a Mehendi setup. These events are fun and quirky with a splash of excitement and the décor needs to translate the same feel!

The team at Dawat works to explore and challenge their own creativity and thus, we love to create new and unique event looks for our clients. While we love to play around traditional decor, we also love to bring novel ideas to life. Dawat’s aim is to turn your dream event into reality, whatever the theme may be! For all we know you could come up with fantastical ideas, themes from all over the world and beyond. All you need to do is tell us what you want; then watch our team work hard to make sure you get the absolute best.



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