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Top Wedding Photographers in Pakistan

Pakistan is an amazing country with a lot of talent. From bloggers, to designers, to photographers – Pakistanis are some of the bests in the world. A diverse population means many subjects for photographers to explore and express. We will be discussing the top wedding photographers in Pakistan.

Photographers are critical for capturing all those memories of a lifetime, and you’ll want to find one that can do the job properly. Check out this list of renowned wedding photographers from Karachi who will take amazing photos on your big day:


1. Fatima Tariq


Pakistani photographer Fatima Tariq is known for her wedding photos, both in Karachi and London. Her images are stunningly beautiful and capture the moment exquisitely well. Girls also seem to view weddings as an emotional event so female photographers are often better suited to this style of photography.

Photo credits: Fatima Tariq


The photographer captured such beautiful moments with her photography, it’s as if she preserved them for the newly wed.

2. OShoot


OShoot is a photographer and videographer agency. They provide the best talent for any event, such as weddings or private parties. Their Instagram page features images from some of the most beautiful celebrities’ weddings, including Zoe Viccaji’s.

Photo Credits: OShoot | Collective


OShoot is a photo agency representing talented wedding filmmakers and photographers from Pakistan. They were also the first to introduce Photo-booths and Selfie Mirrors in the region.

3. Faraz Mirza Weddings


With a unique color grading and music selection, Faraz Mirza is one of the well-known Pakistani wedding photographers. The videos are done in an excellent manner with close shots as well as candid coverage of the event making it a good tribute to your day.

Photo Credits: Faraz Mirza Weddings


This is a trusted team that will always be on time to your wedding and start working right away. They are very cooperative throughout the process of capturing the special moments from your big day.

4. AJ Studio Photography


If you’re looking for a photographer who is as creative and passionate about weddings as you are, AJ can help make your day. With 19 years of experience in the business and an artistic eye for interesting perspectives, he will create timeless memories for your wedding ceremony.

Photo Credits: AJ Studio


It is important that a bride can feel comfortable in front of the camera, which AJ aims to achieve with his down-to-earth personality. He also prefers natural settings to give the brides glamorous photos they’ll love – photos that are not only beautiful but also realistic.

Therefore, you can relax and have fun at your wedding events and let AJ take care of the details.

5. Chamak & More


Chamak & More wedding photographers are experienced with capturing the whole story, from portraits to highlights to video. They take great care in emotion details and offer friendly service.

Photo Credits: Chamak & More


The photographers at this studio take a variety of pictures including bride and groom shots, paneling images for family members to view, and group shots where everyone can be seen.



If you are looking for someone who can capture timeless memories on your upcoming big day,  DAWAT is always there to offer its unique photography and videography services. You can visit their website to have a look at their portfolio and pricing.

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