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To Get Married or Not to Get Married – That is the Question!

Life has turned upside down for all of us after our world got struck by a pandemic that does not seem to leave. This pandemic changed the way we lived and thought of our life – all of us made so many lifestyle changes. But for us Pakistanis, weddings are a big part of our lives. So, should one even get married while there is a pandemic?

Ever since 2020, open-air day weddings have become a new trend. What is better than a beautifully sunlit wedding where everyone can follow SOPs? Nevertheless, day weddings require excellent planning, and Dawat does more than that for you. With a talented team and ample experience, Dawat makes sure to give you the wedding of your dreams. We make sure that you are satisfied in every department, from décor to catering, we take care of it all. So, when are you planning your beach wedding with Dawat?

Even though the pandemic reduced our guest list, it certainly did not make it less intimate. During a pandemic, you will not have to invite your gossipy relatives you haven’t met for years. No kids will crowd the venue or destroy the décor you customized so heartfully. Dawat will ensure that you enjoy your wedding stress-free and without worrying about anything. We take care of everything, from music to food, anything you ask for!


With a shorter guest list and less expensive wedding venues, the once-scary wedding budget is not that scary anymore. With lesser guests, you can now spend lavishly on your menu and the dream lehnga you have been eyeing for years. So many more people got married during lockdown because it made weddings inexpensive and accessible. A good wedding does not need to be expensive and heavy on your pocket; it just has to bring you joy. Dawat deals with all sorts of wedding budgets to provide you with smart options to make your big day perfect.





All in all, getting married during a pandemic is no less fun. Instead, a wedding during the pandemic can be much more exciting and can leave lasting memories. You can have more mithai for yourself and have the headspace to personalize it even more. Call or visit Dawat at Ocean Mall, Karachi now to make your dream day come true!



Call or visit Dawat at Ocean Mall Karachi to plan the wedding of your dreams! 


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