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Tips to Plan a Perfect Honeymoon

Honeymoon is a perfect time to know your better half. After a string of wedding festivities one after the other, a vacation break gives you the right opportunity to charge your batteries. Time to pack your bags! Here are a few tips for you to have the best time.


  1. Pick a Destination Together

It is not the time to go to that place you always wanted. It can’t be just your choice. Sit down and talk over options that fit your travel budget and destination spots you both like. You don’t have to do the mainstream stuff. Try something different that suits your taste. Like a road trip or glamping (glamorous camping).


  1. Make most of your time

If you don’t have a lot of vacation time, it makes no sense to fly to the other end of the globe. You will end up wasting half the time traveling back and forth. Pick a doable destination spot and spend more time exploring that instead.


  1. Discounted Deals – Hit or a Miss. 

It’s very tempting to hit the ‘book’ button for cheap hotel deals and packages. Just be sure you get what you pay for. It is wiser to make an informed decision rather than buying a package you’d regret later. There is always a reason for the ‘deep discount,’ maybe you will be traveling during hurricane season, or the hotel is undergoing renovations. There is still a catch. Do a little digging before you book deals.


  1. Personalize your trip.

Following an exact itinerary, you found on the internet or that suggested by your friends isn’t exactly the best choice. Just because it was somebody’s perfect honeymoon trip won’t necessarily translate the same for you. Your tastes are different than theirs. When you pick a place, decide based on what you are looking for? Do you like history? Would you want to visit more museums? Are you a big foodie? Do you guys like adventure sports? Think of activities you can do together and a place that will work for both of you and offer such things. This will guarantee a great time.


  1. Go with the flow

You have already had a densely packed schedule before the wedding, and so many decisions had to be made. Though its better to be prepared when traveling, when it comes to honeymoon – go with the flow. Don’t get caught up in the details and plan for every minute. Do what feels right and adapt to any changes in your plan. Like if it rains? Do a spa day!


  1. Try New Things Together

The best part of traveling as a couple is the opportunity to try new things together. Step out of your comfort zone and go for that exotic cuisine you always wanted. If you are visiting a foreign country, you get to try new food, experience a different culture, and even wear different traditional clothes. It will be a great learning experience for both of you.


  1. Travel Light

This goes without saying – pack what you need, not what you want. It is very tempting to pack everything as a newlywed because everything seems new and fresh. Hold your horses, though! If you pack too much, it will just add to the baggage of lugging everything around. Just pack a backpack for a couple of days’ trip. You’d also be buying knick-knacks and souvenirs on your journey. You have to keep space for them. Pack a couple of dresses that translate well from day to nightwear, cover-ups, comfortable shoes, and basic toiletries.



PS: Don’t post about your honeymoon on social media every second. You’d get caught up on what people are saying. Keep it intimate and enjoy your alone time.

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