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Tips for Wedding Planning During a Pandemic

Tips for Wedding Planning During a Pandemic



Are you getting married this season, but you’re probably worried about the pandemic? Seems like everyone is these days, but that doesn’t mean you stop living. So what if there are restrictions or fewer guests than expected, it’s not the number of people or decor that defines a wedding, it’s the excitement, the anxiety, or perhaps the pre-wedding jitters that make it worthwhile.

Here are some (out of the box) tips for wedding planning during a pandemic:


Turn your Drive-thru Mode on


All in all, getting married during a pandemic is no less fun. Instead, a wedding during the pandemic can be much more exciting and can leave lasting memories. You can have more mithai for yourself and have the headspace to personalize it even more. Call or visit Dawat at Ocean Mall, Karachi now to make your dream day come true!


With government restrictions in place, you can’t have the conventional big fat Pakistani wedding. But what you can do is plan a drive-thru wedding! Sounds unique? Well, if anything, this’ll make your wedding trend like none other.  All you’ve got to do is tweak the layout of the event a little and let people come all dressed up in their cars to drive through the wedding experiencing each component separately. The cars can be greeted with a flower shower, slowly moving towards the stage they will be offered welcome drinks through the rolled down windows, pictures would be snapped as the cars cross certain points. Right before arrival at the stage the guests are handed masks, and once at the stage they may get off and get pictures snapped with the bride & the groom. Driving further they can hand over any presents or simply meet the parents through the window after which the cars end up in a large parking lot where they’re served food within the car and can watch live coverage of the event on a screen quite literally like a drive-thru cinema. This would be a spectacle and something no one would’ve seen so far. #TheDriveThruWedding is totally gonna trend! Hurry up before someone else throws the craziest wedding this pandemic. Everyone’s minds are bursting with the most creative ideas!



Go Virtual


The authorities might want you to invite a limited number of guests, and you really can’t have a Desi wedding without all your loved ones. That’s right, but no one said all those guests have to be present physically, invite the rest of the guests virtually, so that they can be a part of your happy moments. If you don’t want to face any possible technical challenge or glitch on your wedding day. Make sure to hire  professional event managers like Dawat, and have a hassle-free wedding.


Make room for Social Distancing



A socially distanced wedding doesn’t strike much. But what if we use it as an opportunity to innovate and make it more exciting. For instance, fewer guests mean stricter hygiene measures are easier to implement, you could get the food served on the tables directly instead of allowing people to crowd up at the buffet setups, and you can even use disposable utensils, or better yet- send the guests home with food boxes.


Be Innovative, after all, it’s Your Wedding.



At the end of the day, it’s your wedding, so no one can point fingers at you for throwing the most intimate or maybe the craziest wedding. Do as you love. Honestly, it would be better to take 50 guests on a cruise or in the mountains instead of 500 guests at the usual venues, where most of them won’t even know each other. Make a fashion statement with customized face masks embroidered with the bride and groom’s initials or hand out self-care essentials and custom designed hand sanitizers along with the mandatory box of sweets.


Remember, you’re getting married during a historical moment, why not go out of the box. Have a scenic view, let your guests sit on the floor like a sea-front picnic, whatever rocks your boat, go for it.



Call or visit Dawat at Ocean Mall Karachi to plan the wedding of your dreams! 



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