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Things to do pre shaadi

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Things to do pre shaadi

One of the biggest concerns the bride and groom’s family is how to keep their guests, especially out stationed, busy before the wedding week. What activities should be planned, what should be the food arrangement and how to keep the wedding spirit alive? Worry not, Dawat has a guide for you! Even though we K town locals don’t appreciate our historical sites much, there are still some like the Mohatta Palace, Kothari Parade, Empress Market, Sadequains Art Gallery, Frere Hall and many more which every one would enjoy visiting. While all these sites hold great heritage value, they are also pretty, aesthetic and full of cultural value. Another way to make these visits more exciting is to do them via Super Savari- which is a city bus tour; which becomes even more exciting if the weather is pleasant! All your guests can enjoy the bus ride together, take fun photos and catch up with each other before the wedding events begin. Weddings are one of the few occasions which bring the entire family together. Doing fun activities with your family and bonding with them while doing different things is a great way to make many everlasting memories.

To keep the guests occupied and to show them how things are done in Karachi, you can take them for shopping- local bazaars like Sunday Bazaar or the conventional malls like Dolmen City. Thrift stores like the one behind Gulf or local shops that make handicrafts can also be explored. The point being, we have all kinds of shops available, which can be explored according to the preferences of our guests. Also what is a shaadi wala ghar if there is no late night fun or sneaking out? Sneaking out for late night or early morning walks at along the sea with a cup of chai is a very typical Karachi thing to do, and trust us when we say it is going to be one of the most fun memories from the shaadi! It’s all going to be worth it in the end, for the sake of lifelong memories.

You can do all this while having fun and enjoying to your fullest because Dawat is here to take the stress and burden off your shoulders, to plan your events for you and to make your wedding dreams come true.  



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