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The rise of Green Meetings and why should have them too?


By its very definition a ‘Green Meeting’ is an event that is in line with the environmental friendly & considerate factors. The event is thus organized in such a way that it has a minimum negative impact on the environment it’s held within. Such an event has to promote sustainable action and encourage practices like ‘recycling’ and ‘reusing.’

We have to acknowledge the impact we are having on this earth. The threat of Global Warming is all too real now, and we should make a conscious effort to save this planet because its all that we have. This is why Green Meetings are so important. Green Meetings can help set the tone of a brand or a company and its strive to do more for the environment.


Benefits of Planning Eco-Friendly or Green Events


Here is why having Green Meetings is so important!


  1. Save the Planet

Yes, as already mentioned having a Green Event helps your environment.  The lesser negative impact it has on them, the more successful the event is considered. With looming threat of Global Warming any miniscule effort is still an effort and we should be doing more to protect our resources.


  1. Cultivates a Culture

Having green meetings can help your company or brands grow a culture of being eco-conscious. People involved in such meetings will make the more mental effort on their part like using less paper, using reusable items, upcycle or recycling. You can also establish your reputation as a Green Company and enjoy the goodwill branding it brings. Become front and center of a trend.


  1. Financial Advantage

As an Event Planning Company, we can assure you, going Green will help you stretch your budget. Since such meetings are paperless and more digital in nature, it can help you save money. Think in terms of reusable cups, digital invites, recycled paper stationery, upcycled decorative items, and even reusable stickers.


  1. Branding

Having a culture of eco-friendly events, retreats and meetings can help brand your company as an eco-conscious company. Consumers today opt for more sustainable brands therefore covering your ‘green’ aspect through press releases and social media can help your brand garner the right kind of attention.


Things that you can do to make your event more eco-friendly:


1. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint: You can choose a venue that is more accessible through walkability and public transport to reduce the number of individual cars traveling to your place. You can also want to run a shuttle service from hotel to event.

2. Go Paperless – Use mobile apps, QR codes, and websites to save paper. Put your event program and make use of social media for marketing rather than using paper brochures and flyers. Set up online registration and even an online feedback system.

3. Say No to Plastic: Don’t use plastic pet water bottles instead use water coolers and pitchers. You can also be using cloth bags for swag bags. Use recyclable dinnerware and cloth napkins.

4. Eat Local: Use local food and drinks to reduce your carbon footprint and give back to the community. Hold buffet style eating and choose to donate all leftover food. Avoid any food wastage this way.

5. Set up Bins: Place separate recycling and trash bins so attendees can make use of them accordingly.

6. Promote your Message: You can even choose to set up an Environment Policy for your events and share them with your attendees and stakeholders. Make everyone aware of your sustainability effort so they can play their part in it as well.





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