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The destination wedding for 2020

Hometown weddings are seen to be less popular as time goes on and for good reason. Destination weddings enable the guests to have a luxury experience with their loved ones.


How are wedding venues coping with the Covid-19 outbreak?


Understandably, wedding venue companies are not able to host and carry out weddings in the traditional way anymore, especially if you are planning to tie the knot at a destination spot. Visiting wedding venues at such a time is out of the question. Fortunately for us, multiple wedding venue companies are now offering virtual tours of their locations along with events practicing social distance guidelines.


Below are the top-rated locations for a perfect destination wedding in 2020:


Santa Barbara, California

The blue sky along with plenty of sunlight would be seen shining bright in your wedding photos. The ocean view is well-liked by modern couples as the sunset and sunrise are very picturesque. It is also not the most sought-after destination wedding location which might give you an edge over prices.



If you have some bucks to spare, look no further than Fiji. Reasonably, it is one of the most in demand locations for destination weddings. The white beach aesthetic gives an extravagance to the events and allows the guests to have some fun beach activities as well.


Florence, Italy

If you would rather prefer a romantic getaway in a European setting than a beach or island, Florence is the place for you. If you and your soon-to-be spouse identify as somewhat of an art geek, the art museums in this city will not let you take your eyes off of them.



Immerse yourself in the beauty of culture at a Jamaican wedding. Not only is it one of the cheapest ways to get hitched at a beautiful location, but the variety of landscapes available also makes the experience worthwhile.



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