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Style Picks for Groom Wedding Attire

Everybody wants to look their best on their wedding. Not a hair out of place! Choosing the right outfit carries with it a big decision. Here is a list of some wedding attire and styling picks for grooms to look dapper for their big day.



Bow-ties are getting old now. Cravats and Ruche Ties are the way to go. Nearly all wedding suits (except black-tie Dinner Suits) are now worn with regular ties. A lovely patterned tie tied in a full Windsor knot is a classic look that suits everyone. It is both chic and ageless.




Double Breasted Waistcoats

Wedding waistcoat in double-breasted has become a top trending pick for grooms fashion in 2019. Celebrities have always been dictating fashion movements like forever, and it is not a surprise why double-breasted waistcoats started trending this year because David Beckham wore it for the Royal wedding in 2018. His looks prove this will be a classic and sophisticated piece for time to come.





With Outdoor weddings, all the more rage now tweed suits are an absolute favorite. They bring a very rustic and relaxed vibe to it. Tweed is a practical, outdoorsy garment traditionally chosen by the British aristocracy; the heritage look works particularly well for autumn and winter weddings. There are some tremendous covetable tweed looks from the Netflix drama ‘The Crown.’ The best part of tweed is that you can either go with an edgy, eclectic look or do a soft, sophisticated look. All depends on the colors and pattern you choose.




Matching Ties & Waistcoats

Ditch the style of matching the tie or bowtie to the bride’s dress color. No more too matchy! Now it just looks a tad too much. This year’s trend is to wear ties that match the waistcoat. The pleasant symmetry is a classic look and looks right on the money.





Classy Tuxedo  

Dinner Suits, Evening Wear, Bow-Tie Suits, Tuxedos, DJs, Dinner Jackets, or Tux’s, whatever you chose to call them, they are in vogue for weddings throughout 2019 and will be for the next year too as it looks. They are an all-time favorite and can transport you from shabby to chic in no time. Slim fit tailored look with addition or pocket watch and voila!




Tail Suits

Tails Suits are back! Shine your inner Sherlock with a tail suit for your wedding. This classic, timeless, typically English morning suit is back and looks high fashion by any definition. Morning tail suits, with slimmer trousers, traditional waistcoats paired with a nice tie, and you have an eclectic and sophisticated look for your wedding.




Bold Double Breasted Check Waistcoats

Bold Patterned Check Double Breasted Suit has to be the number one trend. A check pattern is always a classic choice. Paired with a bold design, matching waistcoat, and contrasting ties, these suits make a great statement and can easily help you stand out in a crowd.




Bright Colour Choice

No need to go the traditional black suit route only. Now you can experiment with colors. Add a splash of color with a funky patterned tie or socks. It’s a great way to showcase your personality. Only do it if you have the confidence to do it right.




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