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Sri Lanka – A New Destination Wedding Favorite Spot

Have you always dreamed of destination weddings with sandy beaches, exotic locations, local cuisine and just quality fun time? Dreaming and wishing is all good but when you think in term of expense, you don’t see things adding up.


This is where I have some good news for you! You can have your beautiful big destination wedding in Sri Lanka.


Sri Lanka has lots to offer young couples. It has fast become to be recognized as the third most popular spot for destination weddings and honeymoon stops. Srilanka is also called the ‘Country of Cinnamons’. If that doesn’t immediately make you think of the comfort of cinnamon rolls, nothing will.


Destinations weddings were once considered a considerable expense, but now in the way the world and technology have helped shape its change, people want to get out and travel more. They want to experience new cultures, food, landscapes. Everybody has wanderlust. The world has shrunk in terms of commute. Now more than ever people are doing destination weddings because millennials want to do it differently and escape the traditional ways. Also far it is more about the experience of life and less about things.


Wondering why SriLanka though, here’s why:


1. Exotic Island Location

If you are a couple, who is in Asia and is looking to do a destination wedding Srilanka is right there. Not crazy long traveling hours required. Even airplane fares won’t cost you that much. Srilanka is an ideal destination for an exotic island wedding if you are looking for a beach breezy wedding theme.


2. Easy on the Pocket

This is a huge plus this country. Srilanka is affordable in real sense. You can get cheap flights to travel within the country and out, good deals on hotel stays, and the food is easy on the pocket – overall the entire trip will not break your bank. So having a destination wedding here is entirely plausible. It makes for an attractive deal for young couples tight on a budget. Also, the tax slabs are far lower when compared to many of the countries in the east.


3. Versatility

Sri Lanka also offers a wide range of choice. You can have a quiet island wedding or big bang beach wedding. You can choose to ride the elephants or hot air balloons. You can have a small gathering or a huge crowd at one of the grand hotels. You can even have a jungle themed wedding or a riverside wedding. This small island has many themes to offer to you. So if you are somebody who loves exotic backdrops, vibrant landscapes and beautiful water scenes – Srilanka it is. You can have your choice of the pick.


4. Activities for the wedding party

Destination Weddings are always one big family or friends trip. The wedding party can enjoy loads of different activities offered on the Island, from waters sports, luxury spas to food experiences, cultural festivals and visits to the plantations. There are some great historical sites to visit, wildlife safaris and sandy beaches to add to the touristy things to do list.


5. Perfect place for honeymoon

Go for your destination wedding and stay for your honeymoon! What could be better than that? Srilanka offers a great honeymoon experience and that too on a budget. You can experience the rich culture, mouth-watering cuisines and go about exploring the beautiful tapestry of the Island.


If all this excites you and you are thinking about a destination wedding, let Dawat Pakistan design you one of a kind destination wedding experience in Srilanka. Call us today to set up an appointment, and we’d be happy to assist you.



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