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Some great music tracks for Mehndi Dance


Dance is one of the most fun ways to celebrate a wedding. In different words, you can say that it is a sign of happiness through which you can express your feelings – nearly all different cultures around the world have their own personal way of expressing joy through dance.


Nowadays at weddings, people especially plan a rehearsal just to prepare for a dance routine for Mehndi.

But imagine if you are a complete noob at this and you don’t know which song would perfect for you to dance? To solve this riddle for you, today in this article, I jot down some of the evergreens best songs so through this, you can pick the track according to your taste.


So, let’s get the ball rolling and check the top tracks for Mehndi dance 

Top tracks for Mehendi dance


  1.    Leja Leja re:

This is one of the old evergreen songs which are still super hit in the field of song industry. Like if you are living in Pakistan and India, then you can easily recall this song in which both a groom and bride sided friends, cousins, and dear ones come up with full preparation of dance and try to make their Mehendi event memorable.

It is an excellent pick for those who are from the bride side’s so the girls can dance on this track as it indicates that a groom can come and take a bride away in this beautiful night.

There are undoubtedly so many versions that have been made on this song, but this latest version is a perfect combination as it gives you some remixes western beats and new lyrics.




  1.    Simmba: Ankh Marey:

This 90’s remake song is still considering one of the best hit. Rest this track is also best for both. This is truly a great deal if you are dancing in collaboration with your bride or groom partner. Plus the funky tune of this track is best to generate a funny flirty environment. So both partners can make their dance moves according to the rhythms easily.

Despite this, if you want to rock on the dance floor, then I recommend you to pick this track.




  1.    Kalank: Ghar more pardesiya:

Nowadays this song is very much in and especially consider the best choice for the bride’s fellow. Like, Bride’s fellows can practice on this song and play it when the groom is going to enter with their dear ones. As the lines of this song ghar more pardesiya padharo means a girl is inviting or welcoming you (a boy) to come and visit her place.

So the bride’s fellow can simply instantiate the lyrics and make their dance moves, or even a bride can also join and perform a few dance steps just for the sake to entice the night.




  1.    Wakhra swag:

This Wakhra swag means an attitude. Without any asking, Groom fellows can make the best dance on this remake wakhra swag track as the song itself narrates that how much attitude a girl has but a boy is also a big boss of fashion so come, and he will teach you the tricks of style.

So if you are from the groom’s side and want to hit the dance floor then add this song in your list.




  1.    Kalank: First-class:

Last but not least, this track is also the best choice for a groom to dance to as the lyrics of this song are merely praising a girl on how much a boy has fallen for this girl.







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