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Shaadi Wala Ghar

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Shaadi Wala Ghar

While the events may be the highlight of a wedding, the days leading up to it are far more exciting than the actual 4 hours of taking pictures and looking pretty on D-day. What makes these days exciting you ask? Of course the ‘Shaadi wala ghar’! The vibe, the excitement, and the chaos of a shaadi wala ghar is unmatched and it becomes the place where you make the most memories.   It is also a very typical desi family reunion when all the grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins and friends alike come together in one place for the couple and make the wedding all the more fun. The late-night sneak outs, random food ordering, constant trips to the airport, the people falling asleep in every corner of the house, the queuing up for showers, the simple chill sessions that go on till the wee hours of the night or just plain ol’ dance practices ka hulla gulla is what makes the best shaadi wala ghar! Amid all the fun, the family hosting everyone might get overwhelmed and need all the support and help to make it through these days with their sanity intact.

After all, when a beloved member of the family is getting married, everyone else fights a race against time to make sure everything is top notch. Fathers are busy fretting over vendors, rentals and things not happening on time. Mothers are worried about the daily menu and the event décor and guest management, be it trips to the salon or allocating drivers for shopping, mothers take the responsibility head-on! Brothers become in-house drivers and crisis managers and well, even the human stress balls as everyone unloads their share of stress on the brothers which they gracefully absorb and go about their day without a frown on their faces. The sisters spend hours finding the right photographer, and videographers and run around to designers and bazaars to pick clothes, they even make sure the wedding venue and aesthetics are exactly what their sibling had imagined and of course they’re the confidant and peace-maker in the house. When doing so much the family misses out on all the fun and is exhausted by the end of the wedding festivities.

How do we help the family arrange a kick-ass wedding without going crazy by the end of it all? By hiring an event planner like Dawat! They’ll take care of all your venue, décor and catering needs and can even help with photographers, videographers and entertainment. Dawat is a one-stop event management company that holistically takes charge of the various aspects of the event.

Weddings should be about gossiping with your siblings and friends, practising the perfect dances, and spending every moment making memories with the one who’s starting a new family. Not about stressing over every minute detail. Leave all that for Dawat and just enjoy the wedding.

Event planners understand how important weddings are and go to every extent to make it a happening experience for the family. From the venue, to the food, to the décor, they manage it all, making it worth it.

With event planners handling everything, the ladies of the house only need to worry about the perfect jora and jewellery. Whereas the men of the house can just relax throughout, binge eat all the shaadi food and simply foot the bill at the end. It’s a win-win for all!



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