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Setting the Right Vibe

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Setting the Right Vibe

What are the ingredients for a great event? The couple’s energy, the food, the décor, the crowd…but something is missing..why does the event feel so bland in my head? That’s because it is missing Music! How did I miss the music? Ignoring or rather not realizing the importance of good music at an event is a commonly occurring mistake which people make, only to realize later that the event feels dull and the guests are bored.  Choosing the right DJ or entertainer to lead your event and have him/her bring out the groovy energy among your guests that you hoped to achieve for your big day is exactly what makes the event livelier and exciting. While all the emotions could be stirred up with the bride’s entry on ‘Din Shagna Da’, the emotions could reach a new high when the same bride goes away with with ‘Dilbaro’ playing in the background. There is palpable excitement in the air if the DJ plays non-stop dance beats on Mehendi events, where the guests can’t help but bob their heads and tap their feet to do the least and soon enough you’ll see them scurrying to the dance floor to dance the night away. All of this is possible if you manage to choose the right DJ for your event who could read the situation, understand the mood and keep everyone entertained by playing the most apt sets of music and songs.

Dawat can connect you to some amazing DJs who would concoct the most suitable mix of songs just to make it unique for your event. Be it a Dholki or the Wedding, having the right music is now a must, to boost the crowd’s energy and make the event one to remember. One minute the bride’s mom could be dancing on ‘Maahi Ve’, the next minute the groom’s cousins could be showing their moves on ‘Malhari’. But it’s all in the hands of the DJ to make these transitions flawlessly leaving no time for the guests to be bored.

To create unique mashups with the bride and groom’s all-time favorite songs is something only a proper DJ can do. Some families don’t decide which DJ they want to have until the very end because they consider it a trivial matter while in our opinion, it is very important. It is also essential for the couple to have a discussion with their DJ before the event to have a more customized playlist. Visit Dawat’s website or come pay us a visit, and you’ll see, Dawat has got all kinds of recommendations for you!



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