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5 Reasons to have a Destination Wedding

What could be more magical than beaches, island party, lush greenery and scenic backdrops? Add a wedding in the mix, and it would be something worth remembering! With Kohli and Anusha getting married in Italy to the rumored Deepika and Ranveer Singh’s upcoming nuptials yet again in Italy, Destination Weddings are all that everyone is talking about. Destination Weddings are one of a kind affair and something you’d remember all your life.



Though having a destination wedding sounds too much of work, here are top 5 reasons why you should totally have one.


1. Vacation and a Wedding


You are already planning to go on your honeymoon to maybe Turkey or Hawaii, why not go for a two in one deal and have your wedding there too! This way not only you can have a more extended vacation you can enjoy your wedding at a place like no other. After your wedding, you’re already at the place you want – no traveling long flights or wasting days in recovering post-wedding! This means you can step just right out of your wedding and it to your honeymoon!


2. A Photography Galore


I am sure you have seen all the magazine photos of beach weddings and Island parties, this can be you too! Your wedding album will be like no other. Think of waterfronts, beautiful landscape and majestic views. Not the usual flower stage and all. A destination wedding will make everything ten times more attractive because it will be unique! All picturesque day views and sheer beauty! No photoshop required.


3. Cut Short Your Guest List


A destination wedding can be an be a long faraway affair, and not everybody can even join you for it. This means your bhai ki begum ke chacha ke phopo ka beta doesn’t need to be invited. You can enjoy your wedding with your best people and make it an intimate affair. Keep it private with only your close friends and family.


4. Get More for Your Money


What? This can’t be it! A Destination Wedding sounds like a huge expense. But no turns out hotels and resorts at top destinations are vying for your business. You can get premium discounts, free add-on services, upgrades and even complimentary anniversary stays for later. No décor is required so that cuts of a considerable expense right there. Resorts and hotels also plan activities to keep your guests entertained which means you don’t have to look after your guests and their whereabouts. Complimentary foods and drink also are at times included.


5. Easier to Plan


Are you thinking this is all too good to be true! You can’t wrap your head around planning a wedding in your own home let alone miles apart in something another foreign land! That’s too much. What about the food? The décor? Where will people stay? Etc etc.! Don’t worry this is where Dawat, the event planner steps in. We’d make sure you have the wedding of your dreams. This is why this makes it super easy to plan. Just get in touch with Dawat and rest will be taken care of.