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Questions to Ask Before Getting Married

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questions to ask before getting married

Questions to Ask Before Getting Married

Marriage is tough, and when you don’t know about something, it can hurt you badly. Many couples hesitate to ask each other difficult questions before getting married because they are shy, lack desire, and find it very difficult to do so. However, questions can help you in building a stable marriage.

Ask Them Everything Before Getting Married

The following questions are designed to ask each other before getting married.

  • Ask them if they want kids and how the two of you will prepare for it. Know what their views about infertility are.
  • Know what they think about being tested for STIs before being physically active.
  • What are their views about prenups?
  • Ask where you will be living after getting married.
  • Division of household responsibilities.
  • Know what they think about their family obligations towards their parents in law.
  • Planning the daily finances before getting married clarifies a lot of misunderstandings so ask each other the details and be transparent about it.
  • How the two of you would be dividing your finances is also important. Set up a meeting with a financial planner so you know that you are contributing a fair share.
  • Ask each other what their views about infidelity are.
  • Where do you see each other five years from the present?

Don’t Forget to Ask them the Meaning of Marriage

Lastly, the most important question to ask is the meaning of marriage to them.

So, what is marriage to people?

Marriage does not have the same meaning for everyone. For some, it is a partnership that consumes a lot and for some, it is just a legal agreement. Talking about what you expect from each other can make sure neither of you has needs that are not being met. It will give you the satisfaction of starting this new chapter together.



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