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Plan, Execute, Socialize

It’s not necessary that all jobs have to be monotonous and boring. Some jobs, like that of event management are full of interesting and new things every day! You meet new clients with specific instructions and demands and a whole new set of events that you have to put together for them. We have been in the field for eight years, so when we say its fun, trust us! Unlike regular jobs where you have to do the same task on a desk over and over again, being an event planner helps you get out of your comfort zone, use your creative side and create magic for the bride and groom on their most beautiful day. Being an event planner is not just about weddings, you can manage birthdays, corporate events, family events and so much more!

This field allows you to socialize with so many people for work purposes especially for the purpose of marketing, which is one of the key elements to success. Other than this, we feel like the office spaces for event planners should be cool, calming, and laid back- all of which help in brainstorming new ideas. If you ever visit Dawat’s office the space would feel inspiring, the music would keep you pumped and the beanbags along with the amiable faces of our team make the office look inviting. Working in such a relaxed environment is a blessing in disguise which many of us don’t really appreciate. At Dawat, we make sure that there is a bit of relaxation time for everyone between the working hours to keep their sanity intact. Being an event planner also requires you to do field visits which add variety to your work because sometimes the location is the beach, a farmhouse or a pool side where you can play around with the décor and make the event fun and exciting. Instead of relying on the 2D images of the venue, visiting the place helps us turn the event into something bigger, better and unique in its own way.

Finally it all becomes worth it when our hard work is appreciated after an event. The gratefulness the families show, or the happiness that is evident on their faces, shows that our work and efforts were worth it and we wouldn’t have it any other way! If you too want to be an event planner, do check out Dawat’s Event Management Course.



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