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Pandemic Wedding Trends / Predictions for 2022

In the past year, weddings have been completely disrupted because of COVID 19. It is predicted that after the pandemic, there will be many simple, intimate weddings. This article discusses how weddings might change after the pandemic and what their future trends might look like in 2022.

In 2022, here is what the weddings are expected to look like.

1.   Micro Wedding

In 2020, the pandemic led to a boom in micro weddings. Because of public safety concerns about the disease, people were more likely to choose micro weddings which will remain popular for the year 2022 as well.

2.   Nature-focused Wedding

Post-pandemic couples are likely to develop a love for nature and enjoy outdoor activities. This could influence wedding themes in 2022 that show appreciation for nature in wedding photos.

3.   Digital Invitations

COVID 19 taught us how important nature is, and that sustainability should be a priority when planning weddings. For all of this to happen, digital wedding invitations will become popular in 2022. Fortunately for everyone, technology allows our wishes to come true.

4.   Simplicity will Shine

With safety concerns coinciding with extravagant weddings, couples are realizing that it’s not how big the celebration is but rather the experience that counts. Neutral colors and wildflowers will also see a great come-back in 2022.

5.   Domestic Weddings

Destination weddings are trending less nowadays because of the fear that infectious diseases will arrive. With each destination wedding, there is an increased chance of bringing back a virus to the home country and giving it to millions across borders.

In fact, many who have been planning such weddings have preferred other locations like their own homes instead for security purposes.

6.   Virtual Celebrations

In 2022, many couples will opt for hosting a virtual wedding because of safety concerns as well as to accommodate their loved ones.

People can enjoy a wedding without harming their health by attending virtual weddings.

7.   Budget Friendly

The COVID has impacted businesses and will push couples to wedding planning alternatives in 2022. Couples will limit their guest list and hold informal backyard weddings.

You might want to set up a micro wedding in your backyard or a nature-focused wedding to admire the beauty of nature. Therefore, you can contact DAWAT to take care of your dream wedding.

You can always find the DAWAT’s event management and wedding planning team at your service!

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