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Movie Nights Done Right

The pandemic has certainly taken over our lives in the most depressing ways. Our ability and desire to live carefree and socialize is something that has been affected the most. Despite, the fact that people have now accepted the new normal, it still has not brought back those good old days where people used to go out and enjoy a great movie at the cinemas.

While you may watch and somewhat enjoy movies on your TVs, laptops or even phones there is something exciting about enjoying movies on a big screen with a few good friends or family. However, given the current situation how does one manage to get people together for a movie while also keeping it a risk-free gathering?



Easy, set up a mini theatre in your garden, on the roof, terrace or even at the beach. Gather a handful of close friends, throw-in some bean bags placed at a distance and voila. We have an at home cinema. The open-air setup allows for proper ventilation, and the bean bags mark each person’s personal territory. Heck, you can even camp out after the move.

For a small, intimate set up you can have your snacks ready with bean bags, mattresses, or a few couches to accommodate the number of people you are expecting. Make sure to use disposable plates and get food that can easily be split for everyone. While the conventional popcorns and sodas are the go-to options for movie nights, maybe add some live grilled sliders and piping hot pizzas in the mix. In case the child in you is really asking to be fed, get some gummy bears and home-made jello cups for dessert.



Consulting a professional event management company like Dawat can help you throw a phenomenal movie night, and while the movie would be the highlight, the setup won’t go unnoticed either.

There’s hardly a downside when you do movie nights at home and the best part is you don’t have to dress up or worry about a someone tall, talkative or someone who just can’t sit still obstructing your view or ruining the experience. When you’re doing movie nights at home, they are always perfect.


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