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At DAWAT figuring out an innovative and effective way to create a lasting bond between customers and the corporations is what we strive for.
We believe in the “keep it simple” approach. We start at the beginning and take the time to listen and understand your brief, your brand and your goals. We will work with you to design, manage and deliver modern and meaningful communications strategies, which are tailor-made to achieve your key objectives.

  • SMS Marketing
  • Rs. 40,000 one time
  • Branded Sms

    Registration Fee
    (1 Time)
    Rs 40,000


    Rs 0.45 per SMS

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  • Email Marketing
  • Rs. 50000 one time
  • Branded Emails


    Registration Fee
    (1 Time)
    Rs 50,000


    2,000 emails : Rs 12,000
    5,000 emails : Rs 20,000
    10,000 emails : Rs 30,000

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  • Social Media & Website
  • Rs. 125,000 one time
  • Social Media Platforms

    Website Development


    Social Media Handling,
    Sponsored Posts,
    Event Page,
    Event Website

    Rs 125,000

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