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Top 5 makeup trends for Events

2021 is near; let’s have a look at the 5 best makeup trends of 2020 that made the year a hallmark for fashion and beauty.


White Eyeliner

The world famous celebrity makeup artist Patrick Ta predicted how the colorful eye liners and eye shades will continue to grow and he also further addressed how beautiful, cream and white eye liner looks on the eye. The white eye liner looks sharp and fluttery, it’s a thin line marked above the eye and instead of the traditional black eye liner this looks more vivid and eye catchy.


Feathered, Fluffy brows

The days of drawing brows are behind us and brows are starting to look more like brows and less like cartoons. The brows can be made feathered by using soap and hairline strokes can be made which gives them a complete and finer look.


Exaggerated Eye Shapes

The eyes have been a huge focus during the 2020 and another make up trend that was frequently seen on the red carpets and award functions was the use of exaggerated eye shapes. It’s all about creating gorgeous, exaggerated shapes using soft and blurry forms of colors so they do not get too much defined


Sheer Makeup

There has been a rise in opaque and ultra matte makeup formula over the years but, 2020 has been all about light colors. Using light shades, light complexions and light strokes. The sheer makeup looks more natural and real and was a big focus in 2020.


Color Blocking

Monochromatic makeup was the deal in 2019, but the trend seem to change in 2020 as intentional color blocking with vivid and light shades is the way to go in 2020. The use of color is been done more and the people are liking it, e.g. pairing an orange lipstick with a blue eye shadow.

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