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Let It Bloom-Floral Extravaganza at Weddings

Roses, Wisteria, Daisies, Orchids, Bougainvilleas- flowers are synonymous with love and union so how can one throw a wedding without flowers in the event.  The smell of Roses and Jasmine would instantly make you nostalgic for your cousins wedding back in the days, add a splash of perfume and the smell of ‘kaam waley kaprey’ and you’d want to go to a wedding right then. Weddings are now not just an event but an experience, a sensorial journey and that’s what event managers aim to provide.


Imagine, throwing a beautiful wedding with everything done to perfection; from your dresses to the way you look. However, you gave no importance to how the venue of your most important day would look like. This may not sound like too big of an issue but eventually will turn out to be a disaster and can even ruin the happy vibe of a perfect ‘shaadi’. Gone are the days when you would just let someone from your own family take care of everything and ending up being disappointed. The couples now take charge to make sure their vision comes to life and that’s where event managers, like team DAWAT come in to seamlessly execute it for them.


Be it an intimate and small affair with just few people from your immediate circle or an extravagant big, fat wedding, oozing luxury, and class- in order to make it an unforgettable event without turning into bridezilla the very last day, it is important that you let professionals deal with it.


Some people ask why we need an event planner for a proper floral setup at weddings. Well, the answer is, it takes an army to do floral setups, the process from procurement to actually using these flowers is a tedious one, and you don’t want the bride’s sister running around in her ghaagra trying to make sure the centerpieces are done in time. it is also important to have an aesthetic sense and proper knowledge about the flowers being used, each has different storage requirements, some wilt under direct sunlight, others need to instantly be placed in water; while some flowers are perfect for hangings and doing the stage, others are better to make garlands and our favorite ‘phooloun ki chaadar’ for the bride. The event managers would know ways to cut down on costs by mixing up imported and local flowers without compromising on the overall look of the event, and that’s exactly what helps put together extraordinary setups.



A professionally done floral setup adds character and vibrance to your entire setup. It immediately transforms any space into something straight out of a fairytale. Also, not only will you be enjoying the view on the day, but gorgeous floral settings make you live that moment again and again through your photographs. Not just that, but it floral accents add a natural charm to the entire décor, making it all the more special and close to nature.


Trust event management companies, such as Dawat, to make sure that every big and small detail is being taken care of; from setting a mood board with just the right color palette for each event, to bringing all that to life without putting, any unwanted stress on you so that all you’re left to do is enjoy your big day to the fullest.


If you want to make sure, the floral element of your weddings is done to perfection visit or call Dawat at Ocean mall and make your wedding a unique yet memorable affair. Because we know how to make your heart bloom!







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