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Intimate Weddings or Grand Weddings?

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Intimate Weddings or Grand Weddings

Intimate Weddings or Grand Weddings?

Before digging deeper into whether intimate weddings are better or grand weddings, ask yourself what you prefer. Does your budget allow it? How many guests do you want to invite to your wedding?

Intimate weddings are perfect for those looking for a wallet-friendly wedding and at the same time want to host their friends and family. Moreover, grand weddings are good for when you want to invite 500 guests with greater expenditures.

When you are clear about what you want, it will be easier for you to plan your wedding ceremony, reaping better benefits.

Wedding Cost

Intimate weddings are budget-friendly if the number of invites is limited. Furthermore, it saves you from booking a banquet that is rising in prices over the years. In contrast, grand weddings cost a lot more, especially when you must book bigger ballrooms and banquets depending on the number of guests. Considering the costs, the following is better for each.

Venue and Decoration: Intimate Weddings are Cheaper

The decoration is very important for weddings, and you need to beautify the entire venue. It gets much more costly decorating a big ballroom or banquet compared to a small venue intimate wedding. Moreover, the smaller the venue, the cheaper it is.


Intimate weddings have a smaller guest list, granting you better flexibility when deciding the venue is considered. You can choose from multiple venues, which can either be a restaurant, rental lawns, or small-scaled banquets.

In comparison, a grand wedding requires a bigger area and proper planning for the décor. Unless your budget allows better venues, hotel ballrooms are perfect for grand weddings under a fixed budget.

Décor: Grand Weddings are Better

You’re going to have to transform the entire venue for intimate weddings, which is exhausting and expensive. Unless the venue has free decorating services.

Booking a ballroom for grand weddings with equivalent decoration costs provides you with hassle-free planning and budget-friendly decoration.



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