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Interactive Birthdays

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Interactive Birthdays

Celebrating your kids’ birthday is something that the parents and the child look forward to the entire year; and when the time actually comes, they want to have the best birthday party ever which involves unique interactive activities for all the kids. Worry not, Dawat is here with the coolest ideas to make your child’s birthday the talk of the town!

Instead of having a usual evening birthday party at your homes or in a café, an overnight camping setup in your garden is a fantastic idea to give the kids something to look forward to, something that they will be excited for and will remember for a long time. Dawat can make your garden look like a camping spot with teepee tents. a mini firepit, cushions and maybe even a projector for movie night where the kids can watch movies like Jurassic World or Avatar! Apart from this, a baking or pottery class can be arranged at your child’s birthday party which will keep all the kids occupied while the mothers can chill side by side. A painting class can also be arranged within the birthday party. Dawat can set up a separate area for the painting which will have all the painting equipment, vibrant paints and of course their friends that will encourage the kids to paint their hearts out.

It is high time that we explore what more can be done at birthday parties to make them interesting, especially at kids’ birthdays because there is so much that can be arranged to keep the kids busy and happy. Treasure hunts, water fights and charades are just a few of many fun games which can be played in your garden or terrace area to keep the kids excited- before ending the birthday party with goody bags; which can be arranged by Dawat as per your preference.



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