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Importance of flowers

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Importance of flowers

When it comes to desi weddings, the décor mainly revolves around the flowers. The choice of flowers depends on the type of event, customer preferences, compatibility with the rest of the décor and the season in which the event is being held. Dawat has never compromised on its flowers for its events and their top priority is meeting the customers’ preferences, which means, after discussing it with the clients, they choose the best flowers available in the market. Our personal favorites are Cherry Blossoms, Baby’s Breath, Roses, Jasmine, Orchids, Tulips and of course, Marigolds!

The overall aesthetic that the use of these flowers brings out in the event is worth all the struggles. The fresh scent and the refreshing burst of colors that the flowers add to the event is why we prefer using fresh flowers at weddings. However, that does bring up the cost and so sometimes we have to combine fresh and artificial flowers to make sure to stay within budget. Mixing and matching different flowers to create a new setup every time is a challenge in itself. Imagine mixing the brightest flowers to create unique Mehendi events or using white roses or daisies to create a subtle yet glamorous reception event, or breaking conventions and doing the exact opposite! Imagine pastels being used for the Mehendi and beautiful bright flowers for the reception. We have to make the flowers work! This kind of brainstorming that goes into the planning process is the reason why the event planners at Dawat will never disappoint you- because they promise to make the event perfect for you.

Additionally, there is so much that can be done with flowers, especially during couple photography. You can always head on to Dawat’s Instagram and find the most gorgeous couples who have had their portrait shoots against stunning floral backdrops which add to the pictures and leave you with timeless pictures to remember your big day with.



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