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Ideas to Plan Your Wedding on a Budget

Your wedding is going to be one of the most important days of your life! While financial concerns can take up most of your head space, all you need is a budget to ensure that your dream day is not heavy on your wallet. There are several ways you can smartly utilize your budget and still have the wedding you want!

Choose the right venue

A wedding does not have to translate into a fancy hall. Your choice of venue should speak about you as a couple. You can always turn small-scale venues like backyards, beach houses or parks into intimate settings. Keeping your priorities in mind will help you select the right venue that is aesthetic and fits in your budget!

Utilize DIYS

Add another layer of intimacy to your day by investing in DIYs! Many event planners also incorporate DIY items to personalize your event. Votive candles, fairy lights in mason jars and handwritten tags will not cost you a leg and end up becoming the highlight of your wedding dawat!

Hire an event manager

Event management companies are very accommodating when it comes to your budget limitations. If your dream wedding looks something like a gathering at the beach, don’t let go of it! Instead, hire companies like Dawat to help you identify the areas you can cut down on and still get wedded as the sun sets on the ocean!

Planning on a budget does not mean that you cannot have the wedding you want. Instead, companies like Dawat can help you achieve the right mood and aesthetics for your big day without going overboard. If you’re wedding off in Karachi, visit or call Dawat at Ocean mall and check out their incredible services to make your special day even beautiful!

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