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Ideal Dinner Setup for Your Wedding: Sit-Down or Buffet?

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Ideal Dinner Setup for Your Wedding: Sit-Down or Buffet?

Desi weddings can be pretty stressful, with endless list of chores, finances to handle, and arrangements to make. In this limitless to-do-list, food will almost always remain top priority. With the love Pakistanis have for food, hosts remain extra cautious to make the best possible arrangements in this regard. But once the menu is finalized, one would assume the deal is done. Well, not quite. Another difficult decision to make is to choose between a sit down versus a buffet. Let’s look at a list to examine the pros and cons of both:  

  • Sit-downs bring the family closer:

Sit-downs make for an excellent opportunity for friends and family to catch up, socialize, and get together, all while enjoying a great meal. While elder members of the family sit and chat comfortably, younger ones get to catch a breath, take a bite and recharge for the infinite list of chores. On the other hand, buffets tend to make for a more scattered setup.

  • Buffets have flexible seating:

While it may be argued that seating arrangements for sit-down dinners is generally better organized and structured, buffet-style dinners tend to be more flexible in this regard. There are multiple options to choose in case of buffet dinners including designated seats open seating, a combination of sofa sets and chairs, to name a few. Sit-down dinners on the other hand, require waiters to serve guests at assigned seats, pay attention to much greater detail, and ensure that correct meals are served to each guest. This would, inevitably, increase chances of error as well.

  • Sit-downs take up less space:

If you are facing space constraints, choosing a sit-down dinner might be the better option to go for. Since food is served on the tables and not set up on one side, there is much greater room for guests to move around.

  • Sit-downs ensure a uniform dinner time:

Managing a uniform dinner time in case of sit-downs is much easier as everyone is served at the same time. This may help setting up and winding up dinner at the event relatively hassle-free. On the other hand, buffet-style dinners may take longer to wind up owing to the waiting time in long waiting lines at the buffet stalls.  

  • Buffets are relatively cost effective:

Compared to sit-down dinners, buffets are definitely lighter on the pocket. Sit-downs often mean having a customized menu with much greater attention to detail. On the other hand, since buffets cater to an umbrella audience, they are a cheaper option and an opportunity to cut down costs on an already expensive affair!

We hope this list proves helpful in deciding the perfect dinner arrangement at your wedding. But no matter what you prefer at your big day, buffets or sit-downs, make sure to have the time of your life!

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