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How to Keep the Bride Calm? (Bridezilla Antidote)

With a wedding around the corner, that too your own wedding, you (the bride) might be worried sick! Her anxiety levels may peak as the day gets closer and calling her ‘Bridezilla’ in such a situation might not be the best of ideas. The perfectionist, micro-manager in her chooses this very opportunity to manifest itself with hopes of smooth preparations and a wedding to remember.

This situation is definitely avoidable!

This blog post will help you understand how to keep the bride calm when she feels anxious about her upcoming big day.



Here’s how you as family and friends can keep the bride calm:


Step One: Pre-wedding Preparation

The bride should be taken care of by her friends and family, and her future spouse should help with ideas and preparation for the wedding well in advance, as this will put less stress on her and would show her, she truly is marrying the man who would be there to support and help her whenever she would need it.


Step Two: Treat Her

Brides can be stressed before their big day even starts. Food, a quiet place to decompress from the day’s events, or some music with friends are all great ways to help relieve some of the bride’s anxiety in anticipation of her wedding day.

A restaurant reservation or local event tickets will help relieve some of the pressure and make her excited for what is to come (hopefully).


Step Three: Offer to Help Her Out

Why not put some of the wedding tasks off her hands? Give the wedding caterer a call to chase up that invoice. Or write out some of the wedding invitations.


Step Four:  Be Supportive and Offer Emotional Help

One way for people with wedding stress to cope? Simply listen. Typically, brides have many things on their mind – from dress fitting mishaps to reception beverage dilemmas – so rush off into the kitchen and happily put the kettle on. Men often don’t have a good track record when it comes to listening intently, but you can change.

Therefore, you can be supportive to the bride and offer her emotional help. This will surely help in reducing her anxiety.


Step Five: Hire Event Managers

Hiring event managers can be the best solution to avoiding bridezilla mode being switched on. Here’s why: event managers will help you figure out what needs to happen before, during and after your event – from venue selection and catering options to transportation logistics and guest management. They’ll also take care of all the little things that are so easy for the brides-to-be to forget!

Dawat can take care of all those pesky details for you, so you don’t have to worry about them! Make your events something you look back at fondly, hire DAWAT’s event management team for smooth execution of ideas and results that are beyond expectations!

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