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How To Choose Your Event Centerpieces

Centrepiece Inspirations and how to choose what’s right for you?


Centrepieces are the first thing anybody sees at the event table. They are very much the focal of all attention. A centrepiece also is integral part of event day theme. There are so many options when it comes to centrepiece décor. They can range from beautiful arrangement of flowers to tea light candles and sometimes even food assortment.



Flower, Candles – A rustic look!
This one is perfect for a winter wedding. Flowers and Candle centrepieces add a pretty romantic and soft touch to the whole wedding décor.




Mason Jar –A Funky Look:
This one is different and such an easy DIY! Perfect for anniversaries and birthdays.




Fruit Platter – A Colorful Look
Fruit make the most interesting centrepiece. They are colourful and vibrant, always remember to use season’s best fruit. Such centrepieces work best for birthday, parties, picnic style events.




Balloons – A Joyful Look!
Balloons in different colors and sizes make for a super cute centrepiece. Helium balloons stand upright and can be used as centrepieces when attached to a base on the bottom. Balloons are perfect for birthdays and baby showers. Best thing about balloons is that they are super cheap when it comes to other alternatives.




Logo Lights – a Corporate Look

Corporate events are tricky affair when it comes to décor. You don’t want to appear too flashy or too cluttered but at the same time branding has to be visible and prominent in corporate events.




How to choose the right centrepieces for your event


If you are confused about what sort of centrepiece will work for your event, here are a few guidelines to help you:


Event type

First and foremost what kind of activity are you having? Wedding,  birthday. Bridal shower, a corporate affair? The theme of your event will automatically dictate some type of décor you’d go with and hence the centrepieces too. It is like while flowers may work for wedding and birthdays both, balloons are suited to birthday and bridal showers only.  Also if you have unique theme colors that can also help narrow down the design and idea of the centrepiece.


The Impact

When choosing centrepiece consider the kind of statement it makes. You don’t want it to be too flashy and big that it starts looking ugly and at the same times you don’t want it to be too forgettable. Flower arrangement should be at the right height, a big vase with large flower arrangements will make it harder for guests to talk to each other and most certainly will become a barrier in communication. So the general rule of thumb when it comes to flower arrangement is to keep the vase the height of a drinking glass. Also, flowers can attract all sorts of bees, if you think your open venue might have bees its best to stick to artificial flower arrangement instead.



Centrepieces can be grand and expensive and as well as smart and only cost a few bucks. If you want to splurge and go all in you can find greatly elaborate centrepieces that fit your event theme. At the same time, if you don’t want to end up so much on centrepieces, you can always DIY them. The web is full of centrepiece ideas that you can make yourself. You can also rent centrepieces from the decorators, that sure is a cheaper and reasonable option. Decorators have plenty of fun options to choose from like lanterns, artificial flower vases, plant buckets and more.


Talk to your planner – Dawat Pakistan

Best is to discuss your event design needs freely with your event planner. At Dawat Pakistan we can help you realize the bigger picture in terms of all plan, budget, personal touch and even the season.  We make sure that everything at the event is according to your requirement, even something as small as a centrepiece.




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