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How to Choose The Right Color Theme for Your Event

Whenever you go to any event, be it a wedding, birthdays, corporate dinners or other extravagant affairs what that one thing that ties the whole ‘look’ of the event together is?

You have guessed it right – Colors! We have all heard the  old adage of ‘Life is Like Rainbows’

Colors are crucial for an event. The right colors palette can amp up the look of your event and make it memorable for your guests. Colors affect our moods and how we interact with our surroundings, the garner a physiological reaction from us. Designers and event planners have long understood the importance of colors and the critical dynamics they bring to the table, quite literally (Think centerpieces for your event tables!). At Dawat Pakistan we understand how colors can speak your story.

So how do we help you choose the right color palette for your event?


1.  What are you Celebrating?


First and foremost what is your event about. Are you celebrating your kid’s first birthday? Is it a wedding or is it a corporate dinner for your company. The nature of your event rules the design aesthetics of your decoration and event necessities. For a desi wedding, hues of red and coral are the go-to colors. A royal party will look great with gold and white theme. A birthday depending on for your son or daughter will have different color themes. A corporate event is tied in with the branding of the company, that’s why most corporate dinners and conferences play on the company colors and the branding of the logo as their primary event color. A lot of season holidays and awareness conferences come with their own color palette, and hence choice is already made, for example, a Breast Cancer Awareness Symposium will have a pink color theme, a Christmas Holiday Party will be decked out in Red and Green and so forth.


2. What sort of feeling are you trying to convey?


Different colors have different effects. Before picking out your colors, you need to decide what feeling areyou trying to evoke in your guests. Are you seeking for a magical effect? Dreamy? Almost mystified? Do you want them to feel posh and like royalty. Do you want a light, breezy effect and keep things fresh and summery? All this can be achieved through the right colors if you understand the psychology behind each color.


White: It’s an excellent choice for a clean, pure and innocent feel. White works great with outdoors and big open spaces.


Black: Ever heard of black-tie dinner? Yep! Black is all about sophistication and class. On its own, it doesn’t need to be paired with other colors. Its the safest choice for swanky affairs and brings a premium feel to the table.


Purple: The color of royalty and luxury. Pair it with gold for elusive bridal showers!


Blue: The tech world loves this color! Most tech conferences will have blue branding and rightly so. Blue depicts professionalism and sense of calm.


Green: The color of nature! Hosting an environment-friendly affair, go the organic green way!


Yellow: Best to use yellow as an accent rather than the primary color.


Red: This color tells stories! Red draws out emotions of passion, vibrancy, and energy.



3.  Chose One, Two or More


Colors like white, black, red and blue work great on their own but you can also make a palette of color, this adds to a dimensional play in design. You can draw attention to the main things with your primary colors, and secondary supporting colors can help fill in the gaps and still keep the event in line with the color theme.


If all this sounds a little too much for you, leave it to the professionals! At Dawat Pakistan we’d help you chose the right colors for your event. We make sure your event tells your story with the colors you chose.



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