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Has covid made the idea of intimate weddings trendy?

The beauty of mankind lies in its ability to adapt and acclimatize to the constantly evolving circumstances that it finds itself in. The Covid-19 pandemic has demanded more adaptability and acclimatization in every walk of life, and Pakistani weddings have been no exception. While the first wave of covid saw people delay their wedding plans in the hope that life as we knew it would return to normal, the advent of waves two, three, and now four have meant that reduced wedding invites at smaller locations are the new normal. With major wedding halls closed, and others functioning at only half capacity, people have now turned to outdoor locations like their backyards at home to host family and friends, and many- especially parents- are terming such a change a blessing in disguise. More often than not, societal pressures would force families to spend a fortune on weddings which for so many would mean fading life savings and even bankruptcy.





So, while weddings have become smaller in order to curb the spread of the coronavirus, the past year has seen a significant reduction in wedding spends in Pakistan which has in turn resulted in reduced societal pressures. Ever since the pandemic has hit, we have seen an array of unconventional wedding themes which have proven that intimate weddings are the new thing and should be here to stay! We saw a couple arranging an eco-friendly wedding to support the environment, one which decided to don pre-worn wedding clothes, and another which agreed to buy their first car with all the money that was saved by foregoing a larger wedding.

Such examples are proof that smaller and more intimate weddings too can be a source of joy and happiness, all without having to spend insane amounts of money on huge gatherings.

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