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Groomspa – The Groom Deserves to be Pampered Too

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Groomspa – The Groom Deserves to be Pampered Too

Don’t we all want the bride to look gorgeous at her wedding and get pampered as much as she wants? But what about the groom? Why do people overlook the poor guy? After all, it is his wedding too and surely, he would want to be equally pampered. Although we rarely hear about groom spa and pampering, the one who follows this regime is the one who looks dashing on the main day. Keep reading further to see what the groom can to do relax before his wedding

Men’s Spa Day

Pakistan now has a lot of high-end, state of the art spas for men too. It was about ten or twenty years ago when men who visited the salon were looked down on. Now, the trend has changed and a spa day with the groom and his friends is a must-do before the wedding.

Game Day or Beach Day

Whether it is playing cricket with the guys late at night or going to the beach, both are equally fun recreational activities to indulge in with the boys. Don’t miss out on having fun and make sure you plan that beach trip with the family or just friends. Even better would be to have a bachelorette beach party. Worried about who will take care of the arrangements? Dawat has your back and all you need to do is tell them what kind of a beach event you’re looking for.

Movie Night

You can always ask your event planner to set up a movie night for you at your home or maybe somewhere outside, depending on what you prefer. However, a movie night on the rooftop with fresh BBQ is probably one of the best options one can have with the boys.

Dawat can arrange all these events for you without any hassle. You just need to sit back, relax, and tell them what you want!



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