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Games Night

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Games Night

Ramadan is a holy month celebrated by Muslims all over the world, the holy month brims with countless blessings and spirituality. The month gives Muslims an opportunity to pause from their hectic schedules, reconnect with religion and God, reflect, build tolerance, and count their blessings. However, this isn’t the only thing that makes Ramadan special. There are several other social activities, other than religious practices that make the holy month even more enjoyable. People hold iftar parties and sehris or pre-suhoor game nights.

While back in the day, game nights were mostly about boys playing gali cricket, we’ve come a long way from here. Friends and family would now gather at night, playing board games, including the ever-popular card games, ludo, sequence, and games that are fun would also burn the calories from those iftar samosas, like, table tennis, badminton etc. What’s more exciting than spending time with family and friends, multiplying the joy of this holy month? And if you’re a social shutterbug who loves hosting but is also lazy at the same time, you can always hire DAWAT to arrange a games night for you! Dawat recently organized a similar event for a very famous DJ, and it was nothing less than a blast.

Connect with your Family and Make Memories

Of course, Ramadan is more about building your spiritual connection or doing good deeds. However, it also gives people a chance to spend time with their family and friends because you don’t always get to stay up all night and play games on a regular day. Sehri gives you an excuse to do so!

Games and Fun Activities

Realistically speaking the month is very hectic and tiring in one way or another. We all need a refresher and some sort of activity to divert our minds. Games night can be a good way to do that. It will keep you busy, in a good kind of way and you will get to spend time with your loved ones.



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