Explore our creative options, and let us make your next event everything you dream of and more.


Terms of Contract

All the terms are mentioned below.

  1. Pay the bill for the balance amount on presentation by a authorized staff.

  2. Deposit 50% of the amount at the time of booking and remaining 50% 12 days before the function. Failing to do so will result in a cancellation of the booking.

  3. Any type of permission & approval is the responsibility of the notice.

  4. Firing and Dire Cracker strictly not allowed.

  5. Party Should obey all rules and regulation by the Government or any other authority.

  6. Company management is not responsible for any type of uncertain situation. In such case company will charge full amount from the party

  7. The last time of cancellation of program is 120 hours before the program. Otherwise program will be considered on schedule and the party will be liable to pay total amount.

  8. In case of cancellation due to any reason 35% of the total amount will be charged.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where should I start planning my event ? I'm Confused !

Relax ! Just give us a call and our event planners will guide you.

How much do your packages cost ?

They start at Rs.450 per head both for food and decor.

What is your payment policy ?

Full payment 14 days before the event – 50% advance at time of booking.

Do I have to pay Sales Tax ?

Ofcourse you have to pay 13% GST.

Can I come later and book ?

Sure you can, but we can’t promise you the same price if we are already pre-booked by someone else.

Do prices rise in December ?

Don’t worry, our prices remain same throughout the year.

Where do you guys do Destination Weddings?

–      Bhourban
–     Thailand
–     Srilanka
–     Azerbaijan
–     Turkey

What are some Public events you do ?

–    Ultimate Comic Con
–    CEO Youth Awards
–    Pet Show
–    Halloween Haunted House

Do you own your own inventory and kitchen ?

Yes we do, we only outsource if you ask for something unique that we don’t have.

Can we get a food tasting ?

We would recommend asking your friends who have tried our food. But if you still like to try the taste, there will be a trivial charge of Rs.10,000  to 25,000 depending on the menu you select.

When does your Event Management course start ?

Event Management course is given every 4 months.

Can I apply for a job at Dawat ?

Yes, you can through our career page.

I am an Event Manager and I would like to rent our inventory from Dawat, can I ?

Yes you can, please contact one of or existing event planners for more details .

Can I get a 3D Walk-through for my event ?

Yes you can. We need 1 month prior notice for it, with an additional charges of Rs.25,000. With 2D and 3D a 30,000 charge will be added.

Can you design invites and backdrop for my event ?

Our Design department can make thematic invites and backdrop for your event, whether its a Birthday party or a corporate event.

I am unhappy with the dedicated Event Manager assigned to me ! Can I contact another manager ?

Ofcourse you have the option to, just email directly to our CEO at ceo@dawatpk.com and he will assign you another manager.