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Exhilarating Waves-Party on the beach

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Exhilarating Waves-Party on the beach

During a basic cost benefit analysis in a conference, I witnessed more than half the attendees voting for a beach party rather than a trip up North. Well, who doesn’t love a beach party? Especially when the newly constructed beach houses like The Beach Hut and The Beach House 48 are air conditioned or when the party is being organized by Dawat! Karachi’s beach is a breathtaking venue regardless of the kind of party one attends, however, if it’s a rung party, BBQ party, movie night, birthday party, or a corporate dinner- who wouldn’t enjoy it to the fullest? It’s a perfect getaway venue to break the heat in K town’s deadly summer season where you can enjoy the cold water against your skin and have that beautiful tan which makes you feel refreshed to your core. Even on winter nights with a bonfire pit lit up, it’s a dreamy way to end one’s night. And oh, the instagram worthy pictures that we can have at the beach! Especially if the event is organized by Dawat, then you don’t need to go anywhere else for a perfect backdrop.



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