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Evolution of Weddings in the Last Decade

We might have started noticing the changes in the wedding culture because of the pandemic, but weddings have been changing since forever. Let’s go through the wedding evolution from the past decade!


Social media has become a big part of every event, especially weddings. Some might even argue that social media is the main reason behind everyone’s attention to detail on their wedding. No one wants their wedding to look bad on Instagram now, do they? But social media has also become a source of inspiration for many couples. With a simple hashtag you can now view millions of wedding pictures from around the world and get inspired. Social media has also encouraged people to make their weddings more unique and personalized.


Over the past decade, weddings have moved from a generic theme and become more personalized. Now, every wedding is like a glimpse of the groom and bride’s personality. A very apt example of this would be the Game of Thrones themed mehndi function that we saw trending. Every couple now wants to bring more of itself into the function and we are all living for it. Dawat makes sure that the wedding describes you and matches your taste exactly.




Overall, the past decade has really changed our expectations from a wedding. We are no more stuck in the stereotypes of a shy bride and monotonous processions. Weddings are becoming more and more personal and candid. Unlike the past, when the parents were the only ones involved in the planning, couples are taking a lead now. People are also moving towards more sustainable weddings – minimizing wastage, spending wisely, and being eco-friendly.


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