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Event Invitations – Digital or Traditional, who wins?


Today there are many sorts of event invitations; broadly they still though are categorized as paper or paperless. It can be confusing which route to take, here we have discussed the pros and cons of both kind of invites.

While the format may have changed, invitations themselves are still just as relevant today as they were. They are often the first point of contact to your guests and can set the tone for the event and build excitement long before the day arrives.

Invitations no longer have to be sent formally by mail, they are now easily issued and accepted via social media and email, for quick and natural responses. That being said, your choice of invitation should suit your event and reflect the formality you are going for. An evite may not be the preferred option for black tie dinners or fundraisers, but likewise, there is no need to go all out with paper invitations for a conference or small social event.

So what are some pros and cons of these sorts of invitations?


Traditional Paper Invitations



  • Paper invites are more formal and set a tone. They are usually taken more seriously by people and often serve as a tangible reminder whereas digital invites tend to get lost in the digital clutter
  • . Traditional invites are a physical piece of paper and give an aura of exclusivity, you have to receive one to be invited and hence adds to the character of grandeur.
  • Traditional invites are addressed to somebody and clearly draws a line on who is asked and who is not, unlike digital invites which can get passed around a lot.
  • The traditional invite is handle delivered or couriered which means the person it is intended for will surely get it, digital invites sometimes get lost in overflowing mailbox or go to junk box even.



  • It costs money! With all the design details, postage and courier involved it can rack up quite a bill.
  • It is not an environmentally friendly option.



Electronic Invitations (Evites)



  • Emails and digital invites are usually free to send
  • You can custom design your invite according to your wedding colors and theme.
  • E-vites are more suitable for events that have a large number of attendees, things like concerts, conferences, symposiums, etc. The digital feature of the invite makes it easier to share with the public and across mediums like social media, messaging and email.
  • Evites are definitely the paperless choice and makes for a conscious, eco-friendly stance.
  • You can create dynamic movements like animations and moving intros in your invite, which makes it more engaging and fun.



  • A lot of evites have the risk of getting flagged as spam and end up in the junk box. In this case, invitees will not know.
  • Events like black-tie dinner, fundraiser and formal charity event require an official printed invite to show for entrance at times even.
  • Digital invites come across as lesser of the two when it comes to investments, and some traditional people may not take them seriously.


So which one is better?

So what it boils down to basically is the sort of event you have and the budget you can spare on them. Invitations however still remain as important as ever because they are the first thing your attendees see. That’s your first interaction with them and making an impression is the way to go! A half-hearted effort will not be taken seriously. So whatever you choose, paper or digital – do it right!


At Dawat Pakistan we can help you choose what will work best for your event. Paper or paperless we have plenty of ways of getting the job done in style.




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