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Engagement Ring Styles You Need To Know

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Engagement Ring Styles You Need To Know

Engagement Ring Styles You Need To Know

Engagements are a very special and memorable moment for most people and the perfect ring adds to the happiness. However, the multiple ring options can be very overwhelming to choose from. To make it easier, you need to narrow down your options to what suits you best. Your engagement ring should reflect your style, values, and taste.

So, if you are planning an engagement ceremony or proposal, here are some of the best styles to choose from.

Trending Engagement Ring Styles


A solitaire ring is an all-time classic style. The name is so because there is only one stone in the design. To enhance the beauty of the stone. Artisans mount the solitaire diamond on a plain band with a claw or prong setting. If you want your engagement ring to be simple, solitaire is an excellent choice. It stands out and never goes out of fashion.


A cluster ring consists of a group of smaller stones together. It creates the same effect as a large diamond ring. They are also known as illusion rings. This style is an affordable option for an engagement ring. Cluster diamond rings are a great way to add sparkle to your engagement ring without being hefty on your budget. Moreover, it is also a versatile option to choose from.


Halo is the most popular engagement ring style. It adds shimmer to your ring and lets the centre stone shine. Smaller pave set diamonds create a border around the central stone. The smaller halo stones reflect light on the stone in the centre. It is a perfect way to give your ring a modest look.

Eternity Band

The eternity band depicts everlasting love. The band is made using an unbroken chain of diamonds that are connected. The diamond can be paved, French set, channel, or any other, depending on the style of the person wearing it.



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